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All the images below are LIVE data which will be explained further down the page!
Current Ionosphere Model Magnetopause Model Fresno Geomagnetic readings today day Length of Day changes image not available please contact admin Current Aurora Estimate Solar wind force now Solar Explosions Prominences Induction Magnetometer Gonoka,AK Mag North Bx Induction Magnetometer Gonoka,AK Mag East ByInduction Magnetometer Gonoka,AK Mag Down Bz

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earthquakes in the United States
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Two years worth of actual Length of Day changes as measured by the US Naval Observatory in microseconds
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Earthquake early warning device invented!

I never personally recommend products, but I am making an exception. I have found, tested and I USE in my own home a special $29 advanced warning seismograph alarm (earthquake detector) that is of great value to anyone living in an earthquake zone (like Okalahoma, Washington, DC or Colorado now!). It can give you many seconds advance warning before you are really shaken hard by an earthquake or an aftershock with an epicenter several miles away because it detects the slight early vibrations before you can feel them. It looks like this

- a small smoke detector styled and sized device that attaches to a wall simply with velcro tape and runs on a 9 volt battery that lasts for months.
This Earthquake Alarm can give you extra seconds of advanced warning BY SOUNDING A LOUD ALARM before you are shaken by a strong quake . 10, 20 or 30 seconds warning can really make a huge difference by allowing you to be prepared to feel the motion and securing yourself, property, loved ones or just grabbing your clothes and shoes before the strong swaying motion starts. It works by detecting the very slight P-wave which travels faster than the destructive S-wave which, like a distant lighting flash preceeds thunder, can give you many seconds before you are really shaken by an earthquake with an epicenter a few miles away. In this way it can act like an earthquake warning system if the earthquake or aftershock is rolling towards you from a few miles away. This can REALLY give you a lot of peace of mind because everyone who has lived through one knows it is the complete lack of warning of most earthquakes that is the most unsettling. This device will chime before you feel any large earthquake that does not originate right under you. Think of it as a warning like the flash before thunder - if the lighting is a few miles away the flash gives you warning before the thunder hits you. If the lighting strikes right were you are you won't obviously get any warning but MOST EARTHQUAKES THAT AFFECT YOU START A FEW MILES AWAY.

This is not a hoax or gimmick. It is as scientific a sensor as a seismograph (It IS a reverse pendulum seismograph rigged to an alarm that hangs on your wall for $29!)

It works!

I have been using one since April 2010, and it has sounded an alarm about 20-30 seconds before EVERY quake over 4.0 near Mexico that later shook me in Los Angeles. It wakes me up if I am sleeping too. I now sleep better knowing I will be woken up before most shaking earthquakes are felt.

I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH. For $29 you should just GET ONE. A few extra seconds to wake up and get out of bed or get off a ladder or grab your pet and get out the door or cover your children's heads makes all the difference! As a test count to 20 now. The alarm routinely gives me that much warning before the shaking starts from earthquakes on faults near Los Angeles,CA. I make almost nothing from the sale of these (About $1 from Amazon). I don't own the product or company. That isn't why I am recommending them. They give you possibly life saving warning and give you some peace of mind when sleeping. It's also cool for amateur seismologists and children because you can make it VERY sensitive to any earth motion if you turn the sensitivity way up so your kids can learn about science and seismology. Again I highly recommend them. It is a remarkable device for those living in fear of earthquakes and afershocks.

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Areas of Recent Earthquake Research

To those not familiar with the well documented, peer reviewed and published, and NASA and NOAA satellite monitored scientifically reviewed principals behind the planetary /sun/ earth interaction let me bring you up to speed.

Quite a few studies link increased probability of earthquakes with increased solar flare/flux output. The mechanism is believed to be extra heating of the ionosphere raising and lowering the atmospheric height. Here is a photo from NASA of the ionosphere glowing with energy from the solar wind creating what we call the Northern Lights.
Ionosphere blasted by solar electrical ions
Like a spinning ice skater tucking in her arms,

expanding or shrinking the ionosphere changes the angular momentum of the earth and thus slows or quickens it's spin. This subjects already stressed earthquake faults to sharp jolts that may trigger an earthquake. The US Naval Observatory measures and graphs these daily spin changes (more about that further down the page).

Other possible mechanisms are possible electromagnetic field interaction with the rotating metallic core of the earth or a piezoelectric expansion and contraction of rocks in the earth. Electric currents streaming out of stressed igneous rocks –A step towards understanding pre-earthquake low frequency EM emissions

Other possibilities including static discharges related to atmospheric moisture content.

Large precursor electrical signals have been detected before many earthquakes including famously before the World Series earthquake in San Francisco. Loma_Prieta_Earthquake_signal_plot
The origin of those signals is not known but peer reviewed studies in some cases ruled out ground sources but specifically excluded off ground sources from the data set.

Earthquake faults heating up from new stresses can be detected on infra-red satellites now and unusual fault heating along with ions over the fault can under the right atmospheric conditions also cause moisture to rise from the earth at the fault which can condense to form a high altitude "earthquake cloud" that sometimes points like campfire smoke to the fault about to rupture. This was specifically seen on satellite above Iran before a quake Natural Hazards Volume 47, Number 1, 119-135, DOI: 10.1007/s11069-007-9201-7 Original Paper Satellite detection of earthquake thermal infrared precursors in Iran Arun K. Saraf, Vineeta Rawat, Priyanka Banerjee, Swapnamita Choudhury, Santosh K. Panda, Sudipta Dasgupta and J. D. Das( ).

It is also possible to detect changes in the electrical field over the ground in space near earthquake faults under stress and we are working on delivering data sources of that to you. Until recently the French Demeter satellite did this, but they did not share their data and the satellite was turned of March 17, 2011. It however detected clearly ionospheric electrical activity as a decrease in electron density above Haiti three days before the mag 7 earthquake on January 12, 2010. It also observed an increase in the densities and a decrease in the temperature which were well localized above the future epicenter in Samoa seven days before that earthquake on September 29, 2009.Demeter ionspheric electrical activity above Haiti three days before the earthquakeDemeter ionospheric electrical activity above Samoa seven days before the earthquake

Another method of predicting earthquakes has identified the influence of the moon's angle to the equator or distance from earth in its orbit as a factor. The former website used this technique to some success:
BroJon Calculator
"(Fig. 3) This chart shows the accuracy of the BroJon Calculator for the last half year. The predictions showed that the highest probability observed in the past several decades occurred on Dec 26, 2004, when the moon was full and on the same day was at highest declination extension, along with the sun at opposition and at lowest winter declination on Dec 21. The computer model also predicted the dates of the largest earthquakes for each of the succeding months within several days. This is the same program used to make Fig. 1 above."

The goal of this website since it's premier years ago has always been to education people about these hypothesis's and to present far ranging LIVE DATA so amateurs and professional researchers can look at the data for correlations themselves. NOTHING makes an implausible connection more real than seeing the source data graphed live by a respected institution like NASA. The live data is further down the page.

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Earthquake Alarm that can give you extra seconds of advanced warning

Let's explore the power of the suns solar wind

- as you can see from these live movies from the NASA SOHO satellite - which is looking at the sun right now - the sun is constantly in flux and giant explosions on its surface hurl variable amounts of electric protons (solar wind) our way. These are variations in solar wind.

Below are actual live pictures of the sun from space RIGHT NOW. Notice the dates in each picture. On the left you can see the sun in different wavelengths with all the flares and sunspots. On the right the sun is covered so you see only the corona around the sun. This makes it easier to see large ejection masses from the Sun. If they head directly at Earth you can see them billow out on both sides and hit the satellite. (sometimes you can see comets go around the sun too.)

The NASA POES satellites in polar orbit right now measure the energy in the solar wind several times a day when crossing the earth poles.

This graph shows variations in solar wind over the past 24hrs as measured by the POES satellites.

This one shows variations in solar wind over the past 7 days as measured by the POES satellites.

This one shows magnetic variations in solar wind over the past 7 days as measured by the POES satellites.

Below is a picture of current, recent earthquakes in Southern California

Using the image below do you see changes that coincide with earthquakes over the past 7 days?

LIVE IMAGE! California/Nevada Earthquakes from the past week show up in this image.

Current California earthquakes

This Geomagnetic sensor in Fresno, California show changes in earth's magnetic field near Fresno California.

Do any earthquakes above seem to coincide?

LIVE IMAGE! Geomagnetic readings from Fresno today show up here.

Fresno Geomagnetic readings today day

LIVE IMAGE! Geomagnetic readings from Fresno yesterday show up here.

Fresno Geomagnetic readings previous day

Following Electricquakes by 5 or 10 years the The Jet Propulsion Labs and the Quakefinders Organization has been heavily involved in the detection of electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes which you can read about here

Many scientists have speculated that faults may be more likely to release when the faults in Southern California feel strong ocean tidal forces from the moon.

Current California Tidal Forces show up here.

Current Los Angeles California Tides and air pressure.

Now we can see the human reporting factor live. Please know this takes a long time to load. you may need to hit "refresh" in your browser.

Mentions of "Earthquake" in Twitter.

We have also just concluded the first ever study of Twitter reports of animal behaviour prior to an earthquake which can be found here:

Recent earthquakes in the United States

Some things might affect faults anywhere in the world so here is the activity all over the United States.

Current USA earthquakes

real time model of the ionospheric ion density over the world

The following revolutionary image is a real time model of the ionospheric ion density over the world. It changes rapidly (roughly every hour) but with major earthquakes one sometimes finds an ionospheric hotspot in the vicinity. Theories are that squeezed earth faults cause peizoelectric rocks like quartz to create ionic charges near earth's surface or perhaps even solar wind hitting earth triggers quakes and that wind can perhaps be detected by the way it ionizes the atmosphere. For the first time in the world this data can be studied live next to a matching map of worldwide earthquakes. UPDATING AGAIN!

Current Ionosphere Model

Can you match any of the above activity with earthquake occurrences in the world?

World Earthquakes

Here is the same data from a different source

Current Ionosphere Electron Content Model

Current Statistical Probability of a Magnitude 6 AFTERSHOCK in California (Currently unavailable)

The USGS USED TO display the statistical probability of a Magnitude 6 AFTERSHOCK in California based solely on the amount of other recent earthquake activity. (Every earthquake has a statistical risk of triggering another earthquake including a larger earthquake. This image did NOT factor in any other risks or indicators.) Unfortunately they no longer provide this data.
Aftershock statistical risk

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The earth does not actually rotate at the same speed everyday

Most people are surprised to learn that the earth does not actually rotate at the same speed everyday. One reason is because when the earth's atmosphere is hit with strong solar winds the atmosphere expands higher. (A recent 2008 study found high correlation with a five year time lag (!) between solar activity and earth spin changes ) When that happens the earth actually turns more slowly, just as a spinning ice skater slows down when stretching out her arms. This spin change in earth's rotation has been measured for decades by astronomers, and the US NAVAL Observatory creates this graph of the changes in the "Length of DAY" (LOD) all the time. This variation affects astronomical observations (when a star will exactly cross a point in the sky in front of a telescope) and other things so it is important to track. We can look at this graph and see if sudden slow downs or speed ups in earth's rotation "jolt" earthquake faults and cause more earthquakes around that time. My hypothesis is that certain faults lined up in certain directions will be more likely to be affected because those fault's stress forces line up with the changes in stress caused by earth spin changes.

Two years worth of actual Length of Day changes as measured by the US Naval Observatory in microseconds

Two years worth of actual Length of Day changes as measured by the US Naval Observatory in microseconds (one thousandth of a second - the earth spins about 45 cm in one thousandth of a sec at the equator so one millisecond equals almost half a meter change in spin per day)

Length of Day changes image not available please contact admin

If that wasn't enough the earth's poles (the center of rotation) also move around! The US Naval Observatory plots those changes too!
Motion of the Earth's poles not available please contact admin

We can see the solar wind hit the Earth's "magnetopause" with the ACE spacecraft.

We can also see the solar wind hit the Earth's "magnetopause" (the big magnetic cloud of protons and electrons surrounding the earth because of earth's magnetic field). We have a spacecraft called ACE that watches that impact all the time. In the image below the dot in the center right is the earth. The wake that looks like the waves on the front of a boat is the "front" of the Earth's Magnetosphere being pummelled by the solar wind. The sun would be WAY off to the left of the image "blowing" toward earth and buffeting the Earth's electronic "atmosphere" of protons and electrons.

One hour's current Earth/Solar Wind magneto-pause interface prediction from ACE spacecraft

Magnetopause Model

This changing solar wind that is deforming the Earth's "electric cloud" is a huge amount of force.

How much?

Routinely it is in the 8 to 12 GIGAWATT range. Yes that's GIGAWATTS. A gigawatt is 1000 times a mega watt. The San Onofre Nuclear power plant only generates 2 Gigawatts. When this force hits the earth it tends to head in at the poles and this lights up huge parts of the earth's sky known as the northern lights. Yes, it's that strong and more. This satellite watches the Aurora and estimates where the northern lights will be. When the solar wind is very strong the Aurora or "northern lights" can be seen all the way south to California.

Current Auroral Estimate ( one indication of the solar wind)

Current Aurora Estimate

That is FAR more power than exerted by many influences on the earth and plenty to exert physically phenomenon such as spin changes and earth electrical interactions. (in fact the 1989 Canadian power blackout was traced directly to a solar flare) .

Current Solar wind gauge (another indication of the solar wind now)

Solar wind force now

However as you can see from this satellite data table below the solar wind power output occasionally jumps by over 100 times. That's 2 magnitudes folks. On day 280 of year 2005 at 21 48 hours NOAA satellite 18 measured 288.9 GIGAWATTS hitting the earth on the north pole. This means the electric power equivalent of almost 300 San Onofre nuclear Power Plants hit the north pole that day. Many times it doubles between days. The data is in the format
Satellite id pole day of yearhrsec gigawatts activitylvl variation

NOAA-15(N)2802119 53.7 8 1.050
NOAA-17(N)2802128 59.5 8 1.179
NOAA-18(N)2802148 288.9 10 0.906

*288.9 GIGAWATTS folks that is a real shot across the earth's bow. typically one effect is northern lights can be seen in middle California during these events.

NOAA-16(S)2802201 85.6 9 0.654
NOAA-15(S)2802210 133.4 10 0.785
NOAA-17(S)2802218 93.6 9 0.916
NOAA-18(S)2802240 84.1 9 0.633
NOAA-16(N)2802252 68.8 9 1.049
NOAA-15(N)2802300 216.7 10 1.099
NOAA-17(N)2802307 90.0 9 1.304
NOAA-18(N)2802331 125.7 10 1.130
NOAA-16(S)2802344 43.9 8 0.737
NOAA-15(S)2802351 85.9 9 0.617
NOAA-17(S)2802358 70.6 9 0.889
NOAA-18(S)2810023 72.2 9 0.808
NOAA-16(N)2810036 61.5 9 1.335
NOAA-15(N)2810042 152.8 10 1.484
NOAA-17(N)2810047 120.5 10 1.250
NOAA-18(N)2810115 110.7 10 1.449
NOAA-16(S)2810128 76.0 9 0.745
NOAA-15(S)2810133 60.7 8 0.587


So you can see the Earth is really getting hit by big variations everyday. Don't forget that the earth ALREADY has huge amounts of electric power running through the earth below your feet. Giant currents flow through the earth which you don't feel because they don't go through you. These are called Telluric Currents. People searching for oil use them in a process called Magnetotellurics to find strata in the earth. The currents are induced in earth by changes in the ionosphere around earth which is caused by the ionosphere being hit by the solar wind. ( When huge fluctuations come from the Solar wind and they compress the magnetosphere around earth this can radically change those currents and induce voltages and currents in powerlines. That can cause BIG electrical blackouts over huge areas.

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The Solar wind and Space Weather is so important to so many things such as satellites and radio communications that the US government has a website to monitor it and issue warnings. directly monitors solar output and warns of it's impact on the upper atmosphere and the earth every hour.

Also read which discusses the 1859 super storm and the 1989 flare storm which took out the Canadian Power grid.

The long and the short of this is that there are HUGE electrical forces hitting the earth which affect it's spin, charge , atmosphere and it's faults. Therefore there may be correlations between when earthquakes are triggered and many of these sensors.

Many scientists have studied these forces as peered reviewed contributors to the Journal of Geophysical Research.

I quote "To research the "perfect space storm" of 1859, Tsurutani and co-writers Walter Gonzalez, of the Brazilian National Space Institute, and Gurbax Lakhina and Sobhana Alex, of the India Institute of Geomagnetism, used previously reported ground, solar and auroral observations, and recently re-discovered ground-based magnetic- field data from Colaba Observatory in India. The findings were published in a recent issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research.""

Back to the logic of it all:

So how can we predict when the Sun will hit us with big solar winds that might trigger stressed earthquake faults to create an earthquake at that time? Here's where it gets REALLY interesting.

Did you know those 200 variable solar wind GIGAWATT were directly influenced by the positions of the planets. Yes. They really were. "How can that be?" You might say. "That sounds like nonsense!"

Believe it or not the gravity of planets orbiting around the sun change the solar wind. This is because the primary solar wind fluctuations are caused by solar flares which occur primarily during regular solar cycles. Solar cycles have been best tied to the orbital positions of the inner planets. The inner planets slight gravity is enough to throw the gravitational center of the Fluidic plasma body of the sun off and cause increased solar flare activity approximately every 11 years. (Think of the Sun as a soap bubble in the air being influenced by a slight breeze caused by a body 50 yards away and you begin to see the possibilities.)

In fact as any astronomer will tell you, the whole solar system does not revolve around the sun like you were taught in grade school. Actually it all -including the sun- revolves around the center of gravity of the WHOLE solar SYSTEM called the Barycenter. The position of Jupiter - because it is SO big even though it is far from the Sun- is also one of the primary determiners of the position of the barycenter. Consider the barycenter as the center of the teeter totter and Jupiter is the fat kid sitting way out at the end of the long plank. He can really tilt everything a lot.

Read here for an excellent simple illustration.

The position of the solar system's center of gravity or Barycenter is computed in Ephemera by astronomers every day. Astronomers calculate where the planets will be many years in the future and for 100's of years in the past. it's easy using computers because the planets follow predictable paths based on gravity and orbits. So the location of the center of gravity of the whole solar system barycenter is known in the future because it is determined by the all planet's orbital positions which can be precisely calculated as well 100's of years in past and present .

Occasionally when the planets align in certain ways the barycenter can pass right through the sun itself. This is a bit like your dog occasionally walking right through your body. As you can imagine that could possibly effect your circulation patterns and that is what happens with the sun. Remember the Sun is not solid. It is very fluid like with internal circulation patterns that can easily get disturbed just like you can spoil a whirlpool in a drain with just the tip of your little finger. When the sun's circulation patterns are affected, solar flares and periods of high solar activity can result.

Even when the barycenter just nudges the edge of sun it can really mess with it. And Mercury is close enough to toy with the sun all by itself.

Mercury despite it's small size has the greatest measured effect on the sun because of how close it is to the Sun. Venus and Jupiter are next in line because of Venus's close proximity and Jupiter's huge size respectively.

So you see there ARE big direct scientifically measurable effects of other planets on the earth because of their positions affecting the sun which directly affects us in a huge way.

The sun like a water hose nozzle and the planets can squeeze that nozzle and greatly effect the jets of Solar wind that hit earth.

So don't be quite so quick to scoff at the possible physical influence of the planets and the sun on the earth (and therefore possibly on earthquake timing). The planetary/solar effect on earth is real and measured by NASA EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So we now know that gravity is by no means the greatest force exerted on the planet earth by other planets. So Carl Sagan's famous quote about "the nurses' gravity affecting you more than the gravity of a planet" not withstanding, poor Carl (who I loved and respected) missed the relevant mechanism. I assure you your nurse had nothing like the effect of 200 GIGAWATTS of Solar wind on you no matter how electrifying she may have been.

Unfortunately so many seismologists have no knowledge of astronomy or space solar electrical phenomenon that they have no way to know how little they know.

There are many intricacies of solar wind - for example the polarity of the solar wind changes every 28 days. The Sun's polarized solar wind would look like spokes of a wheel if you could see it. I would propose the moon's orbit settled the way it did to synchronize with the changing polarity of the sun's solar wind because when it was non synchronous the forces on the congealing moon mass would nudge it in the right direction.

Many people have tied surges in solar wind to earthquakes, and I have now shown you how it might work. The data is there and secondary detected effects also sometimes coincide and have been detected. For example the low EM waves that scientists sometimes have been detected before quakes could easily be affects of solar wind bursts hitting the Earth. The best studies of those EM signals preceding the Loma Preita earthquake EXCLUDED non earth originations of the EM waves and found no correlation to quakes. This means if there is a correlation the waves must originate off earth as a solar wind would ( the Stanford scientists leading the study assumed the waves were earth originating and hence specifically excluded data signals from space thus unknowingly excluding the possible primary data stream.)

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Defense Secretary Cohen's Speech about countries developing earthquake weapons

Now it turns out electrical forces from the solar wind arenÂ’t the only electrical forces we should worry about triggering earthquakes. The very real possibility exists that Man can trigger earthquakes with weapons(much like the James Bond Movie)

According to none other than a sitting Secretary of Defense Cohen in 1997 in a speech you can check yourself on the Defense DepartmentÂ’s Website he claimed people were working on weapons "whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."

Here is the original info plus the original link to his full speech on
the official Department of Defense website.

Here is the original excerpt. If you donÂ’t believe it I highly suggest you go to the website directly and read it with your own eyes before they take it down.
If they do take it down find it here: Defense Secretary Cohen's Speech about countries developing earthquake weapons

It's pretty fascinating. Here is the relevant portion of the question and answer period in its completeness. Answers are by Defense Secretary Cohen himself.

DoD News Briefing

Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen
Monday, April 28, 1997 - 8:45 a.m. EDT

Cohen's keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass
Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the Georgia Center, Mahler Auditorium,
University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. The event is part of the Sam Nunn
Policy Forum being hosted by the University of Georgia. Secretary Cohen
is joined by Sen. Sam Nunn and Sen. Richard G. Lugar.]

AND I quote directly from the defense Secretary's comments on that page
( look at the bottom of the paragraph regarding "Others are engaging
even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate,
set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of
electromagnetic waves. "

More completely see his response to the question.

Begin Quoted text

Q: Let me ask you specifically about last week's scare here in
Washington, and what we might have learned from how prepared we are to
deal with that (inaudible), at B'nai Brith.
A: Well, it points out the nature of the threat. It turned out to be a
false threat under the circumstances. But as we've learned in the
intelligence community, we had something called -- and we have James
Woolsey here to perhaps even address this question about phantom moles.
The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain
reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the
agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing
is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a
chemical weapon or a biological one. There are some reports, for
example, that some countries have been trying to construct something
like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to
say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some
scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of
pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just
eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some
sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific
crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby
they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely
through the use of electromagnetic waves.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work
finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's
real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and
that's why this is so important.

end quote

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I first became aware of the fascinating possible interaction of the Sun with the earth by a book called the Jupiter Effect published in the 1970's. Many people (who haven't read the book) wrongly say this book predicted a big California earthquake when instead it simply said the odds of an earthquake were higher when the planets lined up a certain way and caused the sun to have more activity. This book documented many of the interrelated effects from publications listed in it's bibliography which I reproduce here.

The book "The Jupiter Effect", its successor "The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered" and the latest reprint edition "Beyond The Jupiter Effect" can now be purchased from Amazon. Although Amazon rarely has a cover photo you can see the cover of my personal copy in the last photo below. I highly recommend this book. The bibliography pages from The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered are reproduced below. They provide other excellent peer reviewed journal articles which are discussed in "The Jupiter Effect" books. "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes" is also an excellent read.

And don't forget to learn how to prepare yourself for circumstances where the luxuries of society may not be available for a time. Your purchases help support this website which is not supported by any government or institutional funds.

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(several reprints available)

Peer Scientific References from Bibliography of 1980's books "The Jupiter Effect"

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The DATA are just below this short paragraph about theory and updates. Feel free to scroll down after they load. (Hit refresh a few times if not all graphs and images load the first time. There is a lot of imagery.)

Changes/ Update February, 2010

Obviously the sun has become tremendously active in the last three months and we have had major earthquakes during that time including the devastating 8.8 earthquake in Chile as well as the Haiti earthquake and a lot of activity in Southern California and Mexico.

Changes/ Update Jan 2010

We corrected a few old data links. We have just added live twitter tracking of the term "earthquake." We have also completely the first ever study of possible correlations of the mentions of strange animal behaviour on Twitter as a possible precursor of earthquakes! (This has also necessitated the removal of two redundant solar imaging feeds to increase total page load speed.) Recently with the public awareness that Italian Seismologist, Gioacchino Giuliani, successfully predicted the April 2009 earthquake in Italy, many more people have taken interest in possible precursors of earthquakes. Mr. Giuliani used radon measurements which we will add when we can find them! As a result we have undertaken the most comprehensive rewrite of this page to make explanations more clear to amateurs interested in the possibilities of predicting earthquakes and saving lives.

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Defense Secretary Cohen's Speech about countrys developing earthquake weapons

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